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Latina Owned PR Agency
Nurturing stories that reinforce community 
Latina Owned PR Agency

Nuestra historia

Refuerzo Collaborative is a Latina-owned public relations agency in Austin creating holistic, multicultural, and dynamic strategies so clients can find their truth, increase their impact, and sustain brand growth.

We believe in the power of communication — a great campaign can create trends, influence culture, and define a generation — this is why we vow to use our expertise for good.

We pledge to only work with purpose-driven leaders and organizations who are doing their part to make the world better.



Clean Creatives Pledge
Creatives for the Future Pledge


Austin Public Relations Agency

At Refuerzo, we only partner with people we truly believe in, fostering relationships with trust at their core. Our boutique agency provides a tailor-made approach to your needs – from a first time launch to building momentum, we are deeply curious about the “why” behind your brand.

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